Hours of Operations

Your FSS IT Support office is open from 0800-1600 Monday - Friday.  We are closed on Federal Holidays and have limited services during Family and Goal days.
If this is an emergency, please call 335-1854435


Please view all of the Knowledge-base articles before submitting a ticket
If a ticket is submitted and you DO NOT provide the computer name, then your ticket will be closed, and you will be required to re-submit a new ticket with the correct information.

31 FSS IT Support *Limited Availability*

Until further notice, please contact 31 CS for all NIPR issues by calling 632-2666 option 1 or by submitting a ticket via vESD. If your IT issue prevents you from submitting a ticket using your computer, please use another system or have another member submit on your behalf.
For account management (network drives access, org box access, account provisioning/moving/PCA) please submit tickets to Comm Sq via vESD until 31 FSS can once again support internal CSL functions.
Issues pertaining to credit card machines, payments systems, and commercial Wi-Fi, please continue to submit tickets to 31fss.support as it will continue to be monitored.

Thank you for your understanding.

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